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Feeling stuck?

Trust me. I've been in your position where I want to live my life to the fullest - I still do, but the difference is, I didn't know how to do it back then.⁣


I felt purposeless and confused.


I performed well at school, did tonnes of extra-curricular activities. But I still didn't feel fulfilled in my life.

All these people I saw on Instagram and Youtube seemed to have their life together and I wondered “why can’t I have that?!”


So I started obsessing over motivation & organisation – bullet journaling, Google calendar, waking up early –but I was missing the point! These solutions were temporary and didn’t fill the void in me.

But pretty soon after, I felt burnt out and miserable because I had no idea where I was going! My obsession with organisation and motivation got me nowhere. ⁣

Fast forward 3 years, and now I - ⁣

  • feel fulfilled daily ⁣

  • have complete clarity for my purpose in life⁣

  • know exactly what impact I want to make⁣


"How?" you ask.

This is because I thought about what kind of legacy I was going to leave behind and in that moment, it was a blank. A big fat zero stared back at me and that scared the living heck out of me! What is the point of being on Earth if we aren’t gonna make some sort of impact, right?

What I needed was. A. Purpose.


Understanding this meant that I began to have a clear vision of what change I wanted to see in the world and then create the steps to fulfil it, through my faith and action on here for you!

This clarity is too good not to share! Which is why it’s my mission to help you to find your purpose and pursue an intentional life.

If you're feeling stuck / lost / overwhelmed, don't lose hope because there is a way!! I'm here to guide you through your journey to make sure that you don't make the mistakes that I did!⁣

Whether that means going against the grain of society's morals or here in this family (you're invited btw) where we DARE TO HAVE A PURPOSE whilst the rest of society is absorbed and distracted in social media etc.


So, are you ready to make the change?? 

I help you align with your purpose & pursue an intentional life

sick of shallow #selflove tips? look no further.

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